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City Girls Black Bike Shorts + Digital Album

You will receive a digital copy of "Period" via email upon purchase.

Digital downloads are only available to U.S. customers. 


  1. "Tighten Up"
  2. "I'll Take Your Man"
  3. "Sweet Tooth"
  4. "One of Them Nights"
  5. "Not Ya Man"
  6. "Where the Bag At"
  7. "Millionaire Dick"
  8. "Careless" 
  9. "Period" 
  10. "Runnin" 
  11. "Rap Shit" 
  12. "Broke Nigga" 
  13. "How to Pimp a Nigga" 
  14. "Movie" featuring Ballgreezy 
  15. "Fuck on U" 
  16. "Clear the Air"